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April 15,2024
AB PLC series description

The PLC-5 controller is in the central position of the control system, integrates the existing and future systems through ethernet/ip, ControlNet and DeviceNet, and provides the interconnection between SLC 500, ControlLogix and Micrologix processors. Because the PLC-5 processor has built-in network connection, PLC-5 makes the control structure flexible enough to establish economic connection between a wide range of equipment.       The minimum configuration of a PLC-5/1771 control system includes a programmable controller module and some input and output modules and power supply modules installed on a rack. The controller with communication port can be selected as required. PLC-5 can reach 512 input and output points at most. All PLC-5 processors have remote I / O interfaces. Some PLC-5 processors have local extended I / O interfaces. Some PLC-5 processors have local extended I / O interfaces. Some PLC-5 processors have a ControlNet communication interface. If you want to provide a DeviceNet I / O scanner port for the system, you must add a DeviceNet scanner module (1771-SDN).       PLC-5 is a large, stable and early product of Rockwell Automation   Worldwide, more than 450000 sets of PLC-5 and more than 10000000 PLC-5 1771 i/o modules are operating stably.   PLC-5 has a module MTBF index of more than 400000 hours.   PLC-5 hot standby system can be used for occasions with high control safety requirements.       In recent years, PLC-5 has added ControlNet, DeviceNet, ethernet/ip and other industrial network interface functions.       PLC-5 controllers can be divided into the following categories:       1. Classic PLC-5 controller   There are several CPU models:   Product order number (model) corresponding to processor name   PLC-5/10 1785-LT4   PLC-5/12 1785-LT3   PLC-5/15 1785-LT   PLC-5/25 1785-LT2       2. Enhanced PLC-5 controller   There are several CPU models:   1785-L11B、1785-L20B、1785-L30B、1785-L40B、1785-L60B、1785-L80B   DH+ or (and) remote input / output communication interface (Remote I/O) is generally provided.       3. Ethernet PLC-5 controller   There are several CPU models:   1785-L20E、1785-L40E、1785-L80E   For the above three CPUs, the Ethernet interface is a built-in standard configuration. DH+ or Remote I / O interface is also provided       4. Control network PLC-5 controller   There are several CPU models:   1785-L20C15、1785-L40C15、1785-L46C15、1785-L80C15。   The above four CPUs have built-in ControlNet network communication function, and also provide dh+ and remote input / output communication connection function.       5. Protective PLC-5 controller   There are several CPU models:   1785-L26B、1785-L46B、1785-L46C15、1785-L86B。 The safe controller allows the user to set access to "critical" or "private" program areas, protected memory areas, protected input and output, etc., and can also restrict the operation of the controller. Users can be classified and managed by programming software, so that they have different system permissions.       Except for the classic PLC-5 controller, the above five controllers are all equipped with 25 pin serial communication port.

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April 11,2024

HONEYWELL DCS System Experion_ PKS C300 system card       Cc-pcf901 PWA module, control firewall 9 G3 CC C300 firewall module   Cc-pcnt01 PWA module, C300 control processor C300 controller module   Cc-tcf901 PWA, CNTRL firewall iota 8 port 1 uplink C300 firewall backplane   Cc-tcnt01 PWA, C300 control processor iota CC C300 controller backplane   Cc-scmb02 module assy, memory backup C300 C300 memory back battery module (with battery)   51199942-300 battery pack C300 memory back battery pack   Cc-pwrr01 power assy, red 20A w / O BBU cabinet redundant power supply, no backup battery rack   51199929-100 PWA supply module   Cc-paix01 PWA module, HLAI G3 CE CC AI module   Cc-paih01 PWA module, Hart HLAI G3 CE CC analog input module (with HART Protocol)   Cc-taix11 PWA, AI iota red 16 12in CE CC redundant analog input module backplane   Cc-taix01 PWA, AI iota 16 6in CE CC analog input module base plate   Cc-paox01 PWA module, Ao g3ce CC Ao module   Cc-paoh01 PWA module, Hart Ao G3 CE CC analog output module (with HART Protocol)   Cc-taox11 PWA, Ao iota red 16 12in CE CC redundant analog output module backplane   Cc-taox01 PWA, Ao iota 16 6in CE CC analog output module base plate   Cc-pdil01 PWA module, di 24V IO G3 CE CC Di module   Cc-pdis01 module, disoe 24V ASSY G3 24V digital event series input module   Cc-tdil01 PWA, di 24VAC iota 32 24V digital input module backplane   Cc-tdil11 PWA, di 24V iota red 32 24V digital input module backplane (redundancy)   Cc-pdob01 PWA module, do 24V IO G3 CE CC do module   Cc-tdob01 PWA, do 24V buss iota 32 24V digital output module backplane   Cc-tdob11 PWA, do 24V buss iota red 32 24V digital output module backplane (redundancy)   Cc-paim01 PWA mod, llamax G3 CE CC low level analog input module   Cc-taim01 PWA, PMIO LLMux iota 64pt CE CC low level analog input module backplane   51305907-175 FTA, llmux2, RTD, CE, CC mc-tamr03 low level thermal resistance terminal board   51305890-175 FTA, LLMux TC, solid state, CC, CE mc-tamt03 low level Thermocouple Input 32 point multi-channel scanning terminal board, equipped with mc-plamx02 IOP   51190582-150 for cc-tdil11, 01, cc-pdob11, 01 insurance   51199947-275 fan assembly kit, 230VAC, EC, CC cabinet fan

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December 26,2023
ABB Compact 800 Controller

AC 800M   CPU module   Various CPU modules can provide different functions, processing capacity, memory and redundancy support. Each CPU module is equipped with one or more Ethernet ports to exchange data with different controllers or interact with operators, engineers, managers and higher level applications. When availability becomes the most important, these Ethernet ports can be configured as redundant. Each CPU module is also equipped with two RS-232C ports, which can exchange point-to-point data with programming/debugging tools or third-party systems and devices.       Com and I/O module   For each CPU module, multiple communication and I/O modules can be added, such as:   ·Additional RS-232C ports   ·PROFIBUS DPDP - V1 interface   ·ABB INSUM interface   ·MasterBus 300 bus interface   ·S100 interface   ·S800L and S800 modules

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April 04,2024
Yokogawa CPU modules

Yokogawa CPU modules: SCP401, SCP451, SCP461, CP401, CP451, CP461, CP471, CP345, CP701, CP703       It seamlessly integrates distributed control systems (DCS) and safety instrumented system (SIS), simplifies the factory automation design and improves the integration of equipment.       Traditionally, DCS and SIS are two independent systems. Each system requires its own communication platform and hardware structure. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to spend a lot of engineering time and manpower and material resources to realize the optimal operation of the plant.       Advantages: supply Yokogawa DCS card / module / PLC, probe / sensor / cable (some products are available at affordable prices)

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